CSR Classics 3.0.3 (MOD Unlimited Money)

Are you tired of all the current racing titles which have always been focusing on the modern and high-speed vehicles? Sometimes, you must pay respect to the old ways. And that’s exactly what NaturalMotionGames Ltd has delivered, a classic racing game that dedicates to the classic designs from back in the old days. Find you what you’ll be in for in one of the best racing titles for your Android devices.

CSR Classics 3.0.3 (MOD Unlimited Money) Story

With the concept of old classic racing cars, CSR Classics introduces gamers to a whole different world, in which you’ll have your chances to collect and test the speed of the famous sports cars from the 20th century. Hit the street in your favorite classic vehicle and compete with racers from different places in the nostalgic racing titles of CSR Classics.

In the game, you’ll have the option to start with a rusty old car. You’ll then have to work your way through the races and events to earn enough money for new upgrades. Show your passion to the old-school cars as you slowly restore your favorite ride back to its glory.

CSR Classics 3.0.3 (MOD Unlimited Money) 2

CSR Classics 3.0.3 (MOD Unlimited Money) Features

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Check on the classic vehicles from back in the old days

If you once were the young kids back in the old days who dream to own one of the most desired sports cars at the time, then CSR Classics will help you to achieve that dream. Choose your favorite vehicles from the greatest cars ever made. The legendary Shelby Mustang GT500, Ford GT40, and many other classic models from famous brands. All will be yours in CSR Classic. Start realizing your dream right now as you take on your racing adventure in this amazing title.

Collect money and restore your own cars to its former states

But dreams won’t come true in just a blink of an eye. You’ll have to work hard for it and slowly turn your dream into reality. And by that, I mean that you won’t have your shiny classic cars right at the beginning. But instead, what you’ll get is a rusty old car that needs a lot of work to be done with it. You’ll have to participate in various racing events in the city to earn your money. And in your garage, there will be many different improvement features for you to explore. Slowly but steadily, you’ll transform that outdated vehicle into the sports car you’ve always loved.

Various customizing options to play with

In addition, there will be tons of customizations you can make on your vehicle to make it more stylish and stand out among the others. Choose various painting colors and additional parts to put on your car. Build a classic car like how you want it to be.

Simple and intuitive controls

And to make the races more enjoyable and comfortable, CSP Classics introduces gamers to a simple and intuitive controls system. Featuring convenient touch controls as well as simple gesture commands, players can truly immerse in the epic racing experiences. Now, you can focus on your races instead of worrying about the controls.

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